VEGGIE MASH-UP – Boosts Gut Immunity

To help improve your immune resilience and microbiome diversity I encourage you to focus on bettering the health of your mind and body by spending a little time preparing a Veggie Mash-Up for daily positive jolts of intense plant nutrition!!

It’s an awesome way to make use of fresh veggies that are being left on shelves at grocery stores. You can freeze the portions for use daily in smoothies, soups, stews, stir fries…. and get a jump start on being your best.

Here is what my partner and I did to create a buffet of intense plant goodness for our bodies. I will tell you that using 2-3 tablespoons or so of the mixture 5 days a week in a smoothie or glass of filtered water has made a tremendous difference in my energy level throughout the days! GAME CHANGER!

I hope this inspires you to make your diet more of a priority. This process can be used long term. Diet is foundational and therefore offers the most wins for health management out of everything except mindset work.

Part of lifestyle management with chronic autoimmune conditions, like with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, involves shifting diets to healthier, less inflammatory and less immune stimulating foods that reduce triggering of the autoimmune attacks to self tissue.

Dr. Datis Kharrazian, in many of his phenomenal courses I’ve completed, discusses the use of the Veggie Mash Up as a great way to get a variety of veggies into the diet every single day to nourish the diversity of the microbiome in the gut and therefore also elsewhere in the body. The far-reaching effects of a healthy microbiome are positively huge! In fact, if we improve that, many of the immune/autoimmune issues naturally reduce thereby improving someone’s quality of life. Microbes in the large intestine LOVE feasting on fibre and creating short chain fatty acids like butyrate. Butyrate is well documented to help calm inflammatory responses in the gut. Therefore, a simple change like including the Veggie Mash Up daily and eating more veggies can have a major effect on managing autoimmunity.

We cannot yet cure autoimmune conditions, but we can certainly manage most of them quite effectively with lifestyle, diet, nutrition and energetic/mindset changes. That’s what I do my best to teach patients. I do my best to empower them.

The first time I did the Veggie Mash-Up I used 15-20 different ORGANIC (when possible) veggies, processed them to a pulp in a food processor (a blender won’t work), then mixed them together and stored them in the freezer in glass fars.

We used 18 veggies the first time. We used carrot, carrot greens, parsnip, mint, cilantro, fenugreek, parsley, dill, spinach, bok choy, beet, broccoli, fennel, celery, radish with greens, zucchini, kholrabi, turnip.

I processed each veggie separately in the food processer and put it in a little bowl. I then took thirds of each veggie in a bowl and mixed them together in a large salad bowl. Then I put filled glass jars. I’ve learned that freezer bags aren’t a great option (plastic, they leak) but the small jars are good and freezing individual balls (1 tablespoon each) on cookie sheets then storing in a glass container in the freezer is also a great option. If you take out a jar from the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before using it, it will be thawed enough to use easily by morning.

I suggest working up to about 2-3 tablespoons worth per smoothie or in filtered water once or twice a day. Some people who struggle with raw veggies find cooking some veggie mash still provides benefits. Ultimately, including some daily means you can very easily get a significant range of veggies each day once or twice in addition to eating many servings of veggies in meals daily too. The results are impressive when you do it regularly!!

I encourage you to do this every day and watch your health improve. Love to hear about your experiences! Post some photos on my Facebook page for everyone to see!


Dr. Krista Coombs

Dr. Krista Coombs

My name is Krista Coombs and I am the owner and practicing Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) at AcuPlus Wellness Clinic. I have been treating patients since 2001 using Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to help them improve their health. Recently I started pursuing certification in Functional medicine (FM) as well to offer even more health services.

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